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The Moza Slypod is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s a retracting motorized rod that doubles in length at different speeds. It can be used as a slider, jib, dolly, and even on a monopod with the included feet. In some ways, it’s a little easier to do moves with it than using a traditional slider. One move that I find challenging is the over the top slide. This takes a lot of rigging to mount a slider upsidedown and pull it off with a conventional slider; however, with the MOZA Slypod, it’s a simple setup. Before I start the review, I have to let you know it wasn’t all smooth sailing with the Slypod; however, in the end, I think the device is revolutionary, and I applaud MOZA for the innovation. 


  • Motorized 11″ telescoping movement in horizontal (slider) mode and vertical (monopod) mode
  • 9 lb horizontal rated (safety) payload, 20 lb vertical (22 lb / 40 lb max payload)
  • Ultra-slow 0.15mm per second to up to 1.1″ / 28mm per second travel speed
  • The two-hour built-in battery can be charged via a USB port during operation for continuous use
  • 21″ length fully collapsed
  • 38″ length fully extended and with a wooden handle attached on one end and included pan-and-tilt accessory on the other
  • Carbon fiber construction; weighs just 1.65 lb
  • Weatherproofed design

The MOZA Slypod is a lightweight carbon fiber monopod, which has a built-in motorized slider. It works horizontally, as well as vertically and can be controlled via the MOZA smartphone app.

According to Gudsen, there is an ultra-high-power density geared motor inside the Slypod. It is capable of producing a 1Nm torque and can drive up to 18kg (40 lbs) of payload. Acceleration from 0 to 10,000 rpm takes only 10 microseconds.

The Slypod is equipped with a CAN Bus protocol and can be integrated with up to five MOZA products for multi-axis robotic camera movements via the MOZA app.

MOZA Slypod. Source: Gudsen

The built-in battery provides the Slypod with a runtime of up to 2 hours. It can also be powered or charged via a standard smartphone powerbank while in use, for extended operating time. Additionally, the Slypod is weather-sealed. For more information, check the MOZA Slypod product page.

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