Pro Sales Broadcast extensive product lines and many years of diverse industry experience, within its sales and engineering team, allows us to understand the ever-changing needs of its clients and provide them with a perfect equipment match.

Outside Broadcasting
The perfect console for the perfect mobile production vehicle

Integration and Support

PRO SALES BROADCAST is a recognized broadcast systems integrator, with over 20 years of experience covering every aspect of systems implementation, from planning and consultancy through to design, engineering, project Commissioning, testing, training and post project support.

We work closely with our customers to enable them to create cost-effective productions anywhere in the world. Our skill lies in helping you choose the right solution and equipment for your specific broadcast requirements, helping you to minimise your time on site while maximising your output.
















Customised Standard

Our Streamline OB Vans are the perfect solution for all kinds of outside broadcasting tasks. We offer them in five different versions: for typical 4, 6, 8, 12 to 16+ camera productions. All five models give our customers the freedom to choose the solution that best fits their needs, depending on their live production environments.

From a dozen cable assemblies, to installation of 300+ rack data centers, when you partner with PRO SALES BROADCAST  you will receive the same level of committed service. Partial or complete system pre-builds are undertaken at our premises prior to on-site implementation.

Testing and Training

As a global system integrator, it is our job to help clients choose the best available engineering and cost effective solutions for their project. We deliver everything clients expect from a system integrator – reliability, flexibility, quality and cost effectiveness.

Our Systems Integration division has completed many high specification turnkey projects for some of the world’s leading broadcasters, which include broadcast studio facilities, outside broadcast production vehicles, multilateral and unilateral cable installations and flyaway solutions.









Introducing lowcost, multi camera, live production with advanced broadcast features.

Outside broadcast (OB) events play an important role in any broadcaster’s remit. The ability to cover live events, whether it is breaking news, a concert or sports match, the live experience has become an essential ingredient for broadcast networks everywhere. Broadcasters today need create that feeling of immediacy, of being there.

The OB truck has become increasingly sophisticated as time has moved on, enabling broadcasters to get to the scene rapidly, to set up and start broadcasting within minutes and to deliver their broadcast back to the studio via a contribution link. Today, a mix of technologies are employed to cover live events over a multiservice communications link. The power of IP makes this possible. For broadcasters, the ability to use multiple networks, such as 3G and 4G or Ka- and Ku-band satellite, is essential. When terrestrial transmission becomes contended, the satellite link must also be able to adapt and scale dynamically to higher bandwidths. However, a simple contribution link to relay the OB pictures back to headquarters is not enough.