Crystal Video Technology Pro800+ Wireless HD Multifunctional Video Transmission System

Crystal Video

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1. Support 1080p60 image wireless transmission and the transmission distance is up to 800m/2600ft.
2. Support Tally signal output, real-time wireless intercom, and the transmission distance is up to 300m/980ft. Good compatibility, plug and play – no software is required.
3. support devices with HDMI/ SDI interface; simple installation.
4. Exquisite design, good mobility-be equipped with standard screw and V buckle, support high-capacity battery installation.


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Pro800 plus provides you more convenient and safer solution for professional film production. With the advantage of long distance transmission, plug-and-play usage, it can satisfy your various indoor and outdoor shooting requirements. With addition of its free cable wiring needed, it will bring much safer and more professional experience to you!

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Crystal Video