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S-2630 Flexible Bi-color SMD LED light


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756pcs ultra bright surface mounted LEDs
Flexible 10-360 lighting
150W power, 3900Lux @ 1 meter center
3000K-5600K continuously adjustable
0-100% flick-free dimming
Super high CRI Ra 97, TLCI97
Separate controller with LCD touch screen
2.4G wireless cascading control
Support DC / V-mount battery 11-17V input
Water proof fabric for outdoor using
Portable X bracket for lighting tripod mounting

R13,244.23 R14,568.66

1 in stock

S-2630 is a flexible LED light with 756pcs SMD surface mounted LEDs, and can be curved to any shapes to output 10?-360?various lighting angles, which can be widely used on field video production especially the lighting in narrow space.

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